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We Have Marketing That Works

If you are about to put your property up for sale, we hope that you’ll carefully consider the company and agent that will best represent your interests. It’s no longer enough to simply “list” your property with an agent in the hope that it will sell, or think that your uncle's best friend’s mother-in-law should "get" the listing, just because someone knows someone who "sells" real estate.

What you really need is a company that eats, lives and breathes real estate. A "24-7" kind of company that will provide every possible marketing advantage. And finally, you'll want an agent with the fire-in-the-belly attitude to get your property SOLD!

At The Bacon Group Incorporated we pride ourselves in combining the best in good old-fashioned customer service with the newest and brightest in technology and web-based marketing. To that end, we have developed a complete and comprehensive marketing program, and the best way to learn about it is in person – one-on-one with an agent. 


We offer numerous tools to aid in the selling process!

Superior Web Based Marketing
Most people know that the internet has transformed the way that today's buyers shop for properties. Gone are the days of hashing through Sunday's paper for new listings and Open Houses. Arrived are the days when actively engaged buyers depend on the internet for up-to-date information.

We believe that we do the best web-based marketing in the area. So, not only do we promote your property on this—our own, custom-designed, easy-to- navigate website—we also keep your real estate actively updated and upgraded on our local MLS pages (thebacongroupinc.com), as well all of the other national websites that are relevant to your particular property.

The Bacon Group Incorporated Advantage
Finally, we think it's important that as you consider the best company to work with in the marketing of your property, that you take into consideration other factors that relate to positive exposure on the web. We go the extra mile to really understand and appreciate those qualities that make your property special, and then work hard to communicate those distinguishing features through well-written descriptions, great marketing "hooks," superior photos, and more.



Frequent Open Houses
You’ll hear all the time that Open Houses don't sell houses. We believe that’s because so few agents ever use them…unless the customer goads them into doing so. We stand by the fact that Open Houses expose our listings to a wide range of potential buyers, and we encourage our agents to hold at least 4 Open Houses per month.  

Vibrant Yard Signs
You might be surprised to learn that according to National Association of REALTORS, yard signs rank as the 3rd most effective marketing tool for selling real estate. At The Bacon Group Incorporated we take this statistic seriously and have invested time, energy, and talent into designing an arresting sign program. You don't have to look around for our yard signs— they find you. Our colorful, vibrant yard signs stand out against the competition and drive customers to call.

Technology-Based Office & Agents
In today’s fast-paced real estate market, you need to question your agent’s ability regarding technology BEFORE you sign a listing agreement. What kind of capacity does your agent and his/her office have when it comes to cell phones, emails, instant messaging, secure FAX, remote access to office files, and so on? At The Bacon Group Inc. our highly-trained agents are at-ease with a wide range of technologies. We guarantee that all of our agents have access to and are versatile with: * High speed office internet & secure wireless network* High-end photographic capture & processing systems.



The Extra Mile
At the end of the day, of course, it's not just 7, 15 or even 30 marketing strategies that will get your property sold. Ask anyone who has sold a home before. Most home-sellers typically remember best isn't the marketing, but the actual hands-on, day-to-day involvement of the real estate agent through the entire home-selling experience.

The fact is, the "real" reality of selling a home has less to do with bricks and mortar, and more to do with people: people facing an emotional move, people trying to get the most for their homes, people negotiating a complex contract, people wanting to move on to a new chapter in their lives. And throughout that process you won't want some carpetbagger full of marketing tricks and false promises at your door; instead, you'll want a real live agent who is actually there to help you, to provide good counsel, and who will go the extra distance to get the job done.

So it's back to the basics, really: clear communication, knowledge, experience, honesty, hard-work, courtesy, and respect. If you can find an agent that will deliver on all those qualities, then you should hire him or her no matter how lousy a marketing program they might have! But if you haven't found that agent yet, please give us a call and talk to us. Let us put our sense of purpose and creativity to work for you. Let US help YOU.


For a real estate company that specializes in offering lucrative real estate investments and a huge selection of property listings, choose The Bacon Group Inc.  Whether you are interested in commercial or residential real estate, Real Estate Owned (REO) property or even foreclosures, we are here to meet your needs.